Specialist Subjects: Benthic infauna and epifauna, marine ecology, biodiversity, statistical analyses of benthic communities

Nicole Esteban

Marine scientist

Specialist Subjects: Integrated coastal management, protected area management, biodiversity conservation, turtle research and monitoring, Environmental Impact Assessment

Specialist Subjects: Bio-optical oceanography; modelling interactions between Economic, Social and Environmental aspects of coastal systems; EU and UK environmental policy and legislation


Established in 2014, we are eight members of a small, hard-working consulting team based in Swansea University. 
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Dr Ruth Callaway

Marine ecologist

Director of AER 

Dr Richard Unsworth

Seagrass and fish ecologist

Director of AER

Specialist Subjects:Seagrass and fish ecology, coral reefs. Marine conservation and environmental change, Environmental Impact Assessment



Dr Chris Lowe

Microbial waterquality scientist

Chiara Bertelli

Marine ecologist

Director of AER

Marine Biologist with various experience in the UK and abroad.  Areas of focus include environmental education, marine conservation, benthic and coastal habitat surveys, rocky shore ecology and seagrass ecology. Skills include benthic invertebrate ID and fish ID.

Anouska Mendzil


Director of AER

Dr Ian Dodkins

Freshwater ecologist

Dr Hanna Nuuttila

 Marine scientist

 Diving Project Manager

Specialist subjects: Sedimentology, heavy metals, UAV pilot, sediment transport and storage, floodplain and fluvial processes and dynamics, hydrology, flood and coastal risk management, environmental management, surveying and marine mammals.

Aquatic ecologist (rivers and lakes) also with experience in hydromorphology.  Extensive experience in ecological, physico-chemical and hydromorphological/hydrological monitoring. Good knowledge of legislation, particularly the Water Framework Directive and water/wastewater treatment and pollution control knowledge. Experienced in both research and environmental consultancy.

Key skills and interest areas: underwater acoustics, marine mammal ecology, acoustic monitoring of cetaceans, diving surveys, impacts of marine renewable energy devices on the environment.