Laboratory facilities and equipment available enable:-

  • Analysis of water quality in coastal and riverine waters

  • Benthic and epibenthic analysis from grab and beam trawl samples

  • Heavy metal and particle size analysis of sediment samples.

  • Acoustic data from C-Pod used for marine mammal detection

  • Fish size, species, abundance and biomass from BRUV (Baited Remote Underwater Video) footage




AER has experience in monitoring:- 

  • Cetacean and pinniped presence habitat use, behaviour, specifically static acoustic monitoring including survey design, implementation and data analysis using C-PODs

  • Site suitability for mariculture

  • Turtle nesting and migration monitoring using satellite tags in Chagos and Caribbean

  • Monitoring of demersal fish and epibenthos in

  • Monitoring temporal and spatial changes in seagrass meadows adjacent to Ports and impacts of dredging activity in Australia

  • Monitoring and analysis of pathogens in bathing waters of UK and Spain



Expertise of environmental surveys within AER allows us to tailor techniques to the clients' needs, examples include:-

  • Marine mammal surveys using visual and acoustic methods: for aerial, boat or land surveys

  • Sediment analysis linked to estuarine processes and benthic invertebrate ecology

  • Use of BRUV to assess fish species, diversity and size class in different habitats

  • Beach surveys and biotelemetry to assess turtle presence and behaviour

  • Methods to allow for long-term monitoring of seagrass meadows and impacts of moorings

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